Camping Tents Basics For The Newbie Campers

Are you one of those who love camping during your free time? Do you want to enjoy your outdoor experience? If yes, then you should know that the right camping tent is one thing you need to bring along with you.

Newbie Campers

Camping tents are a practical shelter that consists of special fabric draped in set poles. It’s a portable and temporary shelter you use when backpacking or doing some outdoor activities.

While most camping tents can be water proof, a man made make shift tent can be cotton which absorbs water and can get heavy as rain pours, soaks water that causes it to drip inside.

Most common camping tents

Dome: Most camping tents you see nowadays are the Dome type. A Dome type is pitched with two poles intersecting in the middle and a screw and socket keeps them firm on the ground. The tensions of both poles keep the tent’s shape and its retention from wind.

Tunnel tent: A tunnel tent is also a camping tent that is kept upright by three hoop poles. These tents stood low and have greater wind retention. Its shape is rectangular and it is open on both ends.

Inflatable air beams: Inflatable air beams can be used as camping tents but is more convenient for recreational activities. Its poles are made of inflatable material that is not widely recommended to camping activities.

Things to consider in choosing a camping tent

Size: In choosing which camping tents to bring, you must know how many people you will be sharing it with. If you decide to bring your own tent, then you must opt for a smaller which will be easier for you to carry. Most camping tents are not designed to accommodate too much luggage, it’s basically designed to fit people and a little of your Camping Backpacks.

Weather and climate: You have to consider what would be the weather and climate of your location. If your chosen base camp is high on the mountains, where the wind can easily wipe it off then you have to choose camping tents that has substantial poles.

If you chose to camp in an open area where the sun is not screened by trees, and ultraviolet camping tent is what you need.

Camping tents weight: It pays to have with you a lightweight tent to carry. It’s not practical to bring with you something that brings most of the weight when you can opt for the light weight ones.

For first time buyers, you need to test it first. If the store can perform on the spot lessons, take it. If not, try setting the tent at home using the manual. It is very important to familiarize yourself with your camping tents this will save time, and energy on your part and you can maximize the complete use of the tent.

Do not pack your camping tents when they’re still wet. Prolonged exposure to damp packing will cause the material to sag and wither making it crispy and easily be torn.

If it cannot be avoided, make sure to pitch the tent at home and expose it out to dry. As a camping tent is made of several layers, it is important to make sure all parts of the camping tents are dry.