How To Prepare For Boat Camping?

boat campingBoat camping can be a fun and unique experience for friends and family.

Camping on the water is a lot different than camping on land.

One obvious difference is water moves and land usually does not.

You will need to pick a spot were your boat is out of the wind. Choosing anchor spots ahead of time will keep your camping trip going smoothly.


Depending upon what state you are in you will need to abide by their boat camping regulations.

Your boat needs to have a bathroom available on it that is self-contained.  You must have an adequate tank for all waste products.

There is no dumping allowed of waste into the water. Facilities can be found onshore for the disposal of such waste. Another thing you will have to consider will be where everybody is going to sleep.

Adequate sleeping arrangements are needed for all passengers. Some states have rules on how many nights you can boat camp. There are certain places where they won’t let you tie up your boat onshore while camping.

If this is the case be sure you have adequate cooking facilities onboard because it won’t be possible for you to build a campfire. If tying your boat to shore is something you prefer to do then make sure your boat camps in a state where this is allowed.


A houseboat is an ideal boat for boat camping if you are on a huge lake. Houseboats offer all the amenities of home. On these boats you won’t have to worry about where to sleep, how you will cook, using the restroom, or how to get water because it is all there for you.

Houseboats are very spacious and are great for fishing. They are easy to access from a ladder when you have jumped in for a swim.


You will need several supplies for your boat camp kitchen. Good sturdy dinnerware made out of tin ware would be a good choose for camping. Paper plates aren’t a bad choice either especially if you want to spend more time enjoying yourself than doing dishes. [Camping essentials]

Pots and pans are required. Stainless steel pots and pans seem to work really well or you can always buy the granite cookware that campers use for land camping.

Don’t forget the silverware, plastic or real, unless you don’t mind eating with your fingers. Paper products are always needed onboard. Be sure to pack paper towels and wet wipes for spills and dirty messes.

Food Supplies

Unless you have a refrigerator onboard you will need to buy camping food supplies that are mostly non-perishable. An ice chest can be purchased and used for perishable goods.

It is a good idea to zip lock all perishable goods when putting them in the ice chest. This prevents water seeping into your food and it will also prevent the smells of your foods running together.

Boat camping can be a relaxing thing to do if you make sure that you are prepared before you go.