7 Tips to Choose the Best Camping Lantern

Camping can be one of the most relaxing and fun activities to do on weekends and holidays. Not only does camping prove to be adventurous but also provides you with an escape from the mundane city life. But without certain essential things and equipments, your camping trip can prove to be incomplete and one of them is a camping lantern.

Before purchasing one such lantern, you must keep certain things in mind. If you are interested in buying one for yourself, then you must follow the below 7 tips to choose the best camping lantern:

tips to choose the best camping lantern

Choose the Type of Lantern Carefully

One thing that you must keep in mind before buying a lantern is the type of it. There are many different types available which vary on the basis of size, charging capacity, exact use and others. So you must pick one as per your requirements and always compare different types to pick the most suitable one.


The capability of a lantern is judged on the amount of brightness it offers.  But at the same time, you don’t want to pick one which is so bright that you have to cover your eyes when holding it. So while selecting a camping lantern, you must buy a non glaring and frosted plastic lantern.

Ease of Use

The lantern you buy must be easy to use. It must have a non slippery rubber base, should be easy and light to hold, should not get too hot when holding it and must have easy to press buttons for switching it on and off.


Another very important thing to consider when buying a lantern is its durability. It must be able to perform well and remain in good condition even in bad weather conditions and should go on for years without any problems. It should be waterproof, sturdy, made out of good materials and must come with a warranty (preferably).


To buy the best lantern, you must always enquire about its features.  Always buy one which offers you the maximum features. For example, while some lanterns have hooks attached to hang them easily, others may not. So buy one which comes with the hooks and other additional features,

Should be Light

A good lantern is one which is easy to carry and store in your backpack. Thus when buying a lantern, you must ensure that it is not too heavy. It must be light but not so light that it falls off with a single stroke or air on it. Thus it must be light but sturdy.

Should be Reasonably Priced

If you are not a regular camper and are interested in buying a lantern, then you must buy one which comes within your budget and is reasonably priced. Of course, you must not compromise on the various features to save money but don’t go for one which is ridiculously overpriced when you can find better models at a lesser price range.

Photo Credit By: plutosport.com