How To Plan Your Fall Camping In Autumn?

Fall CampingMany campers love to camp in winter season, but fear because of the winter air and coldness.By making some adjustments in your camping checklist, you can enjoy the fall camping.October and November are preferred months for fall camping as these months are near to the winter environment.

In the other months, snowing starts and these are not preferred for camping. The camper camping in these months feel, as if they are camping in winter season. The period of time in which the leaves start changing colors is the optimum time for Fall camping.

The fall season is not exactly winter or summer; it is an intermediate of both the seasons. The days are not too hot and the nights are not too cold. In this intermediate time, everyone loves outing.

Things to remember while fall camping:

Pack clothes:

Pack layered clothes. This season can be fickle, sometimes it may be cold and sometimes it may sweat. So, make clothing arrangements for both the seasons. Pack some t-shirts and light jackets or clothes.

T-shirts add comfort for the camper and make him feel cool if the atmosphere is hot. The jackets provide warmth if the atmosphere is cold.

Different terrains:

Be prepared for different terrains, the atmosphere can at once become dry and some times it may even shower. So, if you are camping in this season pack a pair of shoes suitable for both terrains. Tennis shoes and boots will be very useful in the fall camping.


As you cannot estimate the climatic conditions in the fall season, pack several thin blankets.

If the climate is cold, you can combine these thin blankets and make a single warm blanket. If the climate is warm, you may not need many blankets and a single blanket will work.

Fall nights are not too cold and you may not need a heater or a generator to make the climate warmer. Carry your sleeping bag also, if the climate changes drastically you can step into the sleeping bag to get a warmer effect.


The air in fall season can be cold, but the sun is hot enough to make the water hot. So, swimming is also an extra addition for campers camping in this season.

Swimming in winter is not preferred as water will be too cold and vice versa in summer. Add your swimming suit in your camping list if you go for fall camping.


You cannot estimate the climate, so carry a mixture of hot and cold water. The day is hotter and the nights are cold. So, pack water and cool drinks for the day climate and pack coffee, hot chocolate and tea for the night.

The combination of these liquids will help the camper to get along the unexpected changes in the climate.


Take both indoor and outdoor activities in fall camping. If its cold outside, you can play indoor games, if the climate is in normal conditions you can play outdoor games.

Cards, charades, portable DVD, board games are perfect tent games. Sight seeing, boating, biking and hiking are preferred outdoor activities for autumn.

In this season, you can enjoy the glimpse of both the seasons. So, enjoy both the seasons at one time and capture beautiful camping moments [Camping tips].