Warm Camping Methods For Making Your Winter Camping Successful!

Warm CampingEvery one likes camping in snow and cold weather, as winter is enjoyable. But, it is equally dangerous.

Camping in cold weather is a challenge and even more challenging is staying warm and healthy.

If you follow some methods, you can make your winter camping warm to enjoy the coolness of the winter.

The basic checklist of camping will not be changed drastically, but few additions in the checklist will help to have warm campout.

Different ways in making the winter camping warm:

Campfire: Many campers are using campfire to overcome the coldness in the winter. Campfire creates pleasant experience and mood in the campsite.

If safety measures are followed, the campfire creates the original environment of camping. If you want to start campfire in the camping area, see that no one is in the radius of 10 feet.

Remove all the wooden debris and leaves in the 10 feet area around the camp fire. You can also prepare a fire pit. Dig small pit of deep 3-inches and cover the pit with different campfire ingredients.

The first layer in the campfire should be filled with coal or dry wood. After this, place the wooden debris or dried leaves or the ingredients needed for lighting a campfire.

Campfire safety measures are very important, so always keep the fire extinguisher handy for any emergencies. Shovel is necessary to lit-off the campfire after everyone is dispersed.

Generators: The most convenient way of staying warm is use of appliance which makes us feel warm. Camping with Yamaha 1000-watt portable generator, you can stay warm.

The weight of the generator is 20lbs and the running time is 12 hours. This generator does not create mush sound and is a noise absorbing metal. This generator is inexpensive and can run several warming appliances at a time.

Camping heaters: The first thought to get camping heaters is propane heaters. Propane heaters are referred as perfect camping heaters. These heaters are inexpensive and effectively warm up the place.

These safe and easy to use heaters are portable camping heaters with 8” round heating area. These heaters work up to 7 hours at 3000 BTU with one 16.4 OZ propane cylinder.

Bedding: The safe arrangement of bedding will allow you to sleep in a warm place without any other additions. The sleeping arrangement must have a sleeping bag, sleeping pad and mattresses which provide the warmth for you while sleeping.

The extra padding will make the mattress above from the ground level and avoid the cold ground.

Clothing: Before going to bed, wear long pants and cover your body with different layers of clothes. When body is left uncovered, the body loses the warmth.

Get an extra blanket if camping in woods, because woods become cold in the nights. No not over cover yourself. Make yourself to feel warm, but do not sweat.

Hot drinks: when the camp fire is burning, boil some water and store them in a heavy-duty water bottle and keep it aside. When you feel your body is losing the warmth, drink some hot water to regain the lost heat.

Be cautious that you do not drink too much of fluids. It’s very worse if you have to go for a nature call in the middle of the frozen night.

You can enjoy warm camping with these tips.