Camping In Snow? How To Survive In The Brutal Snow And Wind?

camping in snowDid you ever camp in a snowy place? Winter camping is really awesome for snow lovers.

If you love winter season and have a great attraction towards snow and its elements, then you can choose camping in winter season on the snowiest days too.

Camping in snow is very tremendous experience and has its own respective disadvantages.

Being in nerve-biting coldness is really an adventure for any person. The brutal coldness of the winter, implacable cold winds and the heavy snowfalls make staying outside a challenge.

Camping tents cannot control the adverse effects of the winter snows and you cannot stay outside. But, because of these disadvantages, you cannot give up your idea of camping in snow.

Being warm is really a challenge for many campers in the winter snowy days; campfires cannot provide you the required warmth and many heaters also loose their heating capacity because of atrociousness of the winds.

You should make yourself safe from the viciousness of the winds and enjoy the snow and the winds. The best way to enjoy the snow and the harsh winds of the winter is to build a snow cave which protects you from the atrocious snows, winds and help you to enjoy the snow camping.

The snow cave is a structure that protects you from the winds and gives you an ultimate experience of being in snow and enjoying in snow. There are many types of snow caves which provide you the protection.

One of the most popular snow caves is the Quin-Zhee hut. This can be constructed with less amounts of snow and can still provide you the safety from the harsh winds.

When you are camping in starting days of winter, you will not find heaps of snow for constructing an elegant snow cave.

As time passes and you are into the mid winter, snow fall is heavy and having safety is also a challenge for campers. So, the staring winter is best suited for campers who want to crave the experience of the snow without many complications.

Constructing the Quin-Zhee Hut:

  • Draw a circle in the snow, the circle should be the size of your snow cave. See that the circle diameter is according to your requirement. Remove the snow from the circle and see that the base is strong.
  • After removing the loose snow from the circle diameter, see that there are no stones which will prick you. Use shovel to remove all the stones and make a proper base without loose snow. Place the snow into the middle of the circle and create a mount of snow in the circle diameter. The mount of the snow will decide the height of the snow cave. See that the snow is not loose; tab the snow with shovel to make a strong snow cave.
  • Whacking the snow mount with shovel, ski poles and ski will strengthen the walls of the snow cave.
  • To make an entrance into the cave, start digging from the down and then go to the inside of the cave. Once you enter into the cave and start digging the roof of the cave, see that someone is at the entrance of the cave to shovel off the snow you digged from the cave roofs.
  • Scoop the ceiling and use arcing strokes for creating a dome shaped cave. The more you shave the snow on the walls of the cave, the more you are affected with much coldness. Thick cave walls can protect you from the harshness of the winds.

Take proper care while constructing the snow cave; always construct the cave in presence of an expert for a safe snow cave.