Cool Camping Recipes Baked On A Stick

The adventure of camping will never be the same without the camping fire. Moreover, the camping meals prepared on the fire are surely one of the most delicious things you will probably ever taste.

In case you are not into camping cooking, here are some unforgettable and tasty recipes for meals baked on a stick.

camping recipesOne of the most popular recipes, which almost any camper knows to prepare, is the biscuits on a stick. The ingredients you need are: one can biscuits squeeze butter and 1 stick.

The preparation is easy and doesn’t take too long. Simply roll out the biscuit, in order to make it elongated as you make sure it is nearly 1 inch thick, especially at the center.

Wrap it at the beginning of the stick and be careful to press it well. This way it will stay on the stick, while cooking on fire.

Cook on the campfire, until brown and pour butter on it. Most of the campers are sprinkling cinnamon or sugar on it, but butter will make the taste smoother.

Fish on stick is also a famous camp food, so you should try this recipe for a perfect camp dinner. In case you aren’t good at fishing, simply take fish fillets before camping. Buy your favorite seasoning and you are ready to prepare it.

Add the fish fillets to the stick, but season it before putting it above the campfire. Cook it on the fire, as you can also prepare potatoes, baked in the campfire. Usually preparing a fish will take no longer than 20 minutes.

Many consider the steak kabobs as an absolute must have in the list of the camping meals. In order to prepare it, you will need special ingredients- Pre-marinated steak cut into 1 inch cubes, skewers and vegetables of your choice, but typically bell peppers and onions go perfectly with the steak.

Prepare the meat and the vegetables as you season them well. Place them on the skewers and grill them for 15 minutes. Some people grill them over hot coals, so you should try that too, as you have to make sure they are grilled on the both sides.

In case you want to prepare a dessert, the Angel Food Cake is perfect for this matter. You will need loaf of Italian bread cut into pieces, 1 can of Sweet & Condensed milk and flaked coconut.

Cover the pieces of the Italian bread with sweet & condensed milk and roll them in coconut. Wrap the pieces on the stick and cook on the campfire, but you need to be careful. They are ready, when they become light-brown.