Ways To Cook When Camping Cooking Stove Is Banned

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, which has gained popularity all over Europe and the Americas.

During camping, people usually leave their urban homes and travel down to the places amidst the forests or woods, where they can enjoy the nature to the best possible extent as well as spend some happy moments with their near and dear ones.

Camping can be an overnight stay or can even extend to several days spent together in nature as well as moments or events which need to be enjoyed or celebrated. One of these events could be outdoor cooking, in the middle of the forest.

Cooking out in the open is a great and a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with all hands working together.

There are several ways which you can arrange cooking in the outdoors; these could involve the usage of a camping gas stove, an open fire, charcoal briquettes or some other method.

Camping stoves actually serve as the best candidates for outdoor cooking. This is because they are the easiest ones to operate and also help in cooking the food faster. This makes the entire process of outdoor cooking easier and hassle free and provides you the additional time to enjoy with your family and friends.

The use of camping stoves also helps to maintain the area neat and clean as there is no need to dispose of the burnt out fuel. But what do you do when such a camping stove is not available?

Besides camping stoves there are various other alternatives like open fire, charcoal grills and solid fuel stoves that can be used for outdoor cooking during camping.

Open fire cooking through a good and preferred option is a tedious process. This requires setting up of a fire pit, cutting down the wood to light up the fire and then starting with the cooking process.

As this is an open fire, you also need to set up a fire blanket around the open pit to avoid the fire going off due to the wind. All this makes the process very tedious and hardly provides time for recreation.

Solid fuel also serves the cooking purpose in a similar way and is generally not reliable and messy. Both of these leave out the burnt residues, which you need to dispose off.

Charcoal Grills, are also another option that people can use, but these along with the charcoals require a starter liquid fuel (mostly petroleum based) which again makes the process messy.

But with recent ban on the camping stoves, campers are only left with an option of using solid fuel stoves or open fire cooking. But, again as this will be an all new experience, it will again add up to your memories of camping and recreational activities.