How To Control Mildew On Camping Gear?

mildew on the camping gearBeing in rain is always great experience and every one should enjoy this experience at least once in their life.

Camping in rain is even more interesting and enjoyable for rain lovers. Camping in rainy season is very interesting as well as it demands proper care and set up.

The most common problem in rain camping is the fear of mold and mildew on the camping gear. Mildew is a disease that attacks on the camping gears due to water.

Removing the mildew from the camping gears is very long and boring process. So, take care that the mildew does not attack the camping gear and make your cleaning process easier.

Tips to control mildew on the camping gear:

Mildew is the residue caused by the mold, which makes a stubborn stain on the camping gears. It is a very painful process while cleaning. So, learn about the ways to control mildew on your camping gear.

Steps to control mildew on camping gear:

  • While camping in rainy season or near a water fall, your camping gears will become wet with water or water vapor. But, while you are packing the camping gear, make sure that the camping gear is completely dry. If you cannot dry the camping gear completely, then dry the gear at least after you reach your home. Stagnant water on camping gears for longer time leads to mildew on the gears.
  • Often dry your camping gear if you are not using the gear regularly. If you do not open the gear for long time, then water vapor may form on the gear, leading to mildew formation. The camping gears might include tents [Camping tent], sleeping bags, bedding and all the things which are prone to mildew.
  • Make sure after a camp that your gear is completely dry and does not have any traces of water. If your climate does not support the drying process, at least dry the gear near to the stove and make sure it receives some heat to evaporate the water [Camping stove].
  • Make sure that you store your camping gear in a dry area. If the area you store is not dry, the water vapor will start to become mildew in the gears. The place you store the camping gear must have some ventilation and should receive proper air and lighting.

Removing mildew:

Even after much care also, sometimes the mildew attacks the camping gear. So, you should also know about the techniques to clean the mildew. If ignored, the mildew can perforate the camping gears and may spoil the gear. Take proper care and make sure that the mildew does not form any holes in the gears.

  • First of all kill the mold which causes the mildew disease on the camping gears.
  • Brush the area where the mildew is attacked.
  • Make a solution of ½ cup of Lysol to one gallon of hot water and pour the solution on the mildew to stop the growth
  • Dry the material in sun only
  • Bleach the place if any traces of mildew are present on the camping gear.

Take proper care to avoid mildew and make sure to remove the disease from the roots. If left untreated, the mildew can be dangerous to your camping gear.