Comfortable Travel Beds For Infants And Children

If you are traveling with an infant or toddler, a travel bed is a very useful item to take with you. Both you and your toddler will find it a comfortable and safe option to sleep in.

Many kinds of travel bed are available nowadays; be it a lightweight folding bed or a simple cot; anything that gives your kid a safe and comfortable sleep.

Kidco PeaPod Travel Bed

Comfortable Travel Beds for children's

The peapod includes everything you need to keep your baby warm and dry when camping. It features an inflatable air mattress that helps to protect your baby from damp floors and cold and provides a comfortable and safe place for your kid to bed down in.

UV protection and windscreens are special features of the peapod travel bed. Zippered panels included in the bed allow quick and easy access to your baby to move virtually at any angle. The easy-to-fold design makes it ideal for you to carry and store and use at any time. [ via ]

My Cot

Comfortable Travel Beds for children's

This adorable cot for children lifts kids nicely off the ground and provides comfy and keeps your kids dry indoors or out. Your little one can even sit on it comfortably for the play.

This particular cot also includes a carry bag in which you can pack your child’s clothes or other accessories essential for camping. [ via ]