Selecting The Comforts You Need When Camping

campingCamping can be as basic or as luxurious as your heart desires, for some it is the simplicity of the great outdoors that has so much appeal but for others certain luxuries are essential for comfort even in a tent.

Often it is only once you have experience camping for yourself that you decide just what things you can forgo and those ‘must have’ items that make a big difference to your enjoyment of life under the stars.

For that reason it is better to not get carried away spending lots of money on fancy sleeping bags and state of the art cooking facilities.

You could even try borrowing gear from a friend or neighbor and try pitching a camping tent in your own back yard, to get an idea of what suits your idea of comfortable camping.

Lighting is inexpensive anyway but durability is worth looking out for, if you have no electricity then there are plenty of battery operated versions and you can now get eco-friendly devices that you simply wind up.

Whatever the climate night times will usually be very cold and a heated blanket might be a good way for keeping your body warm. The heat is directed straight where you want it to go rather than a heater where a lot is lost to the surrounding air.

Most people will miss the comfort of a mattress and will be affected with a bad back as a consequence. A lightweight foam mattress might be the solution but if you invest in a reasonable sleeping bag it might be better than you think.