The Way To Go In The Coolest Adventure Race

Racing is one of those activities, which surely cause an adrenaline fever and are described as a fever not for anyone to try. In case you want to try racing in extreme way, first you need to be prepared for what you are going to face. Racing includes difficult activities such as paddling, biking, and navigation.

You need to be physically prepared before you are taking the risk of the racing adventure. There are also opportunities for racing camps, which include long training before the actual part of the racing.

adventure racing

If you are a beginner, there are two camps, which will help you to be prepared for this extreme sport – Odyssey Adventure Racing’s Land Navigation Clinic and Pure Vida Adventure Racing Camps.

There you will learn all the basic techniques and requirements for this type of outdoor activity. The professionals in this discipline are advising you to cut the diet regime if you are going for racing.

adventure racing1

It is a difficult terrain and some trips even contain climbing during a 12-mile mountain biking stage. This means you need to eat well and plenty of good and healthy food so to have energy for the long adventure.

Start the racing only with 12-hour race trip, because those which are longer are basically impossible, in case you are new to this discipline. Don’t forget that most of the adventures have short 4 to 12-hour courses. Try one before deciding to take the longer race.