The Camping Site Where Chicago Meets Adventure Trail

For anyone who likes camping activities, there is a perfect trail, which you should consider if you need more adrenalin. The Shabbona Lake is suggesting you great experience just 60 miles west of Chicago.

In case you think this lake is known more for fishing than hiking, just take a look at the trail this natural beauty area is offering. The Muskie Capitol of Illinois is possessing picnic areas, trails of 4.8 mile loop samples prairie, dense woodlands nearby the lakeshore and amazing views, part of the route.

There are a lot of suggestions which trail to take, but in case you want to enjoy the Shabbona Lake start with Shabbona Grove picnic area on the 318-acre lake’s southwest corner.

Next stop on your way will be the Tomahawk Trail with its stunning terrain and then almost at the end of your trail is waiting short climb and tight squeeze between the lake and a reed-filled fen.

The hike ends at the park’s 150 site campground, which is offering a lot of attractive experiences. Don’t miss out the local restaurants at the lake, as well as the fishing opportunities.