The Andes And The Adventure Waiting For You

Many might consider this trip as a dangerous, but for those of you, who really enjoy adrenalin and the rush it brings; this is exactly the trail to follow. Andes hide unspeakable beauty, rocky terrains, volcanic rocks, high peaks and mostly –views, like no other.

There are already trips, which are offered by many agencies, but those who took part in such an outdoor activity are advising us to follow the Andes from Esquel, which should be the start of the perfect journey.

In case you really want to see the nature, make sure one of your routes passes through Los Amerces National Park. There you will see unbelievable flora and fauna, as well as flowers, which grow only here.

Next stop is Estancia Arroyo Verde, where a special camping spot is set for all the travelers in this journey. From there you will see large mountains, caped with fresh snow and you will be closer to your goal of hiking on Andes.