Top 7 Scuba Diving Mistakes you must Avoid

Whether you are a scuba diving rookie or an experienced diver, there are several mistakes that you must avoid. Scuba divers often tend to make certain common mistakes which can actually prove costly if not corrected at the right time. The following are the top 7 scuba diving mistakes every diver must avoid making:

scuba diving mistakes you must avoid1. Ineffective Buddy Communication

Make sure that you and your diving buddies have decided on hand signals as in dangerous situations; these signals can help you save your buddy’s life and vice-versa. Always maintain a buddy check while diving.

2. Depth Mistakes

Do not make the mistake of being unaware of the depth that you are in. If you are diving with a guide, then you must never exceed a designated depth and in other situations, you must always keep a strong check.

3. Scuba Masks Wrong Position

Another common mistake that you must avoid is keeping your scuba mask on your forehead. If you do not wear it on your face, then wear it around your neck but never on the forehead.

4. Ignoring Air Pressure Gauge

It is common for divers to ignore their air pressure gauge but this mistake must be avoided. You must monitor the air pressure level constantly and report if you are on a low level to a guide or to your diving companion.

5. Diving Beyond Qualification

Many new and inexperienced scuba divers tend to dive beyond their qualifications but this mistake can cost them dearly. You must only attempt those dives for which are you qualified enough and never attempt a new dive without getting a proper permission or certification for it first. Diving beyond current skill level can endanger you and will pull out all the fun from the dive.

6. Wrong Quipment Maintenance

Yes, it feels great to own your own scuba gear but its improper maintenance can be a big mistake. Make sure you take the responsibility of cleaning your scuba gear with the right equipments or through an equipment technician.

7. Carrying too Much Weight

Another very common scuba diving mistake is carrying too much weight. You must avoid carrying more weight than allowed or comfortable during diving because a good scuba diver is defined by excellent buoyancy control. Trim down on the weight system and make sure you are perfectly balance during the dive. But at the same time, you must also not be low in weight than required.