Top 7 Scuba Diving Difficulties and Dangers that you Might Face

Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling and rewarding experiences in the world and is also one which comes with its share of difficulties and dangers. Diving deep down in the water among underwater animal species and the danger of drowning can be overwhelming but if you are equipped with the right gear and knowledge, then you can easily avoid these difficulties.

Beginners or enthusiasts must be aware of the dangers and risks lurking deep down water and should be prepared to overcome them. The following is a list of the top 7 scuba diving difficulties that you might face.

7 scuba diving difficulties and dangers that you might face

1. Nitrogen Overexposure

One of the difficulties or risks that scuba divers may face includes overexposure of nitrogen.  Decompression sickness can cause a lot of discomfort and may make it difficult for you to breathe or explore the underwater world easily.

2. Dehydration

Another difficulty that you might face when you are underwater includes dehydration. Water helps your body function properly and hence you must have had enough water before you go underwater.  You can also consume electrolytes as they too can work well.

3. Lack of Experience

If you are a beginner, then the lack of experience itself can prove to be a major difficulty for you underwater. Experiences divers are used to the conditions and problems and know how to take care of themselves but new divers may face confusions and difficulties, especially if they are diving alone.

4. Misjudging the Temperature of Water

Another major problem or difficulty that may come up underwater while scuba diving is being uncomfortable with the water temperature. This happens if you midjudge the temperature before diving in. this may force you to cut short your diving trip and can be very frustrating if you are fully prepared and equipped otherwise.

5. Lack of Proper Protection

Not wearing proper and sufficient protection can make you not only uncomfortable but also at a great risk.  For example, if you are not wearing gloves then this can lead to cuts on the hands which can lead to tetanus. It is thus important to wear the right wetsuit, carry the right gear and following safe practices underwater.

6. Poor Maintenance of Dive Gear

If your diving gear is not maintained properly, then this too could prove to be a risk and a major difficulty. It is important to properly maintain and service your gear before going for the dive to ensure that you have a smooth experience. Not doing so could lead to life threatening issues.

7. Encountering Dangerous Underwater Animals

Another difficulty that you might face when you are underwater is to encounter underwater animals. You may sometimes not know what to do and this could also prove to be dangerous. Thus it is always better to have information about the part of sea that you are diving in and try to avoid areas where dangerous fish and animals may be lurking.