10 Best Cold Water Scuba Dive Destinations in the World

Cold water scuba dive is one of the most adrenaline high water sports in the world and is also the most popular underwater action activities. Scuba diving under the cold water currents can be both bone chilling as well as adventure high and to pursue it, people from across the world visit the top cold water scuba dive destinations. The following is a list of the 10 best such destinations globally:

1. Antarctica Peninsula

antarctica peninsulaThis is one of the top destinations for all those who love it when the cold water chills them and the action of the underwater world surrounds them. One of the coldest places in the world, Antarctica peninsula is where all the greatest underwater challenges happen.

2. Gruner see

This destination is located in Austria and definitely invites many cold water scuba dive lovers from around the world. This may seem like an unlikely scuba dive destination but in the early summer, when the snow melts, it makes for a surprisingly brilliant place.

3. Isla Guadalupe

This is a diving destination located in Mexico and offers a big share of the thrill and excitement of underwater scuba diving. It offers easy live board access and also has great visibility underwater. Also, you get to spot many sharks on this destination.

4. King Scote Jetty

This under water cold scuba diving destination is located in South Australia’s Kangaroo islands and is one place which many enthusiasts totally love. Visit this destination if you wish to spot beautiful underwater vegetation.

5. Kronprinz Wilhelm

Located in Scotland, this scuba diving destination is located in a remote location known for its wreck dives. It also has a battleship submerged in it which too makes a great view for underwater diving lovers.

6. Northern Arch

northern archLocated in New Zealand, this is a beautiful location for underwater cold scuba diving lovers because it is massive, decorated with open ocean exposed caves and rock formations. Plenty of amazing fish can also be spotted underwater.

7. Olkhon islands

Olkhon islands are situated in Russia and are home to some beautiful underwater scenes which are loved by cold underwater scuba dive lovers. Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake in the world during winters and is home to several beautiful creatures.

8. The Pinnacles

the pinnaclesThe Pinnacles in California is another favorite cold water scuba diving destination for underwater diving lovers and has some wonderful colors underneath it. There are patches of red, purple and orange which are very promising and make for a breathtaking site.

9. Roca Partida

This site is located in Mexico and is another favorite of all those who are into cold water scuba diving. Divers from across the world visit this site to experience the beauty and thrill that it offers.

10. Sardine Run

sardine runThis is a destination in South Africa which is home is copper sharks and whales that make for an adrenaline high experience for the divers. You can also spot dolphins and hundreds of other underwater species.