Boracay Island – Perfect Spot For Scuba Diving

Are you in search of best spot for scuba diving? Boracay Island has many amazing sites for scuba diving.

It is not only the best place in Philippines for diving but it is popular throughout the world. Here are few spots that perfectly suits for scuba diving.

Bat cave

The maximum depth of this site is 6 meters and the dive site includes a series of small caves leading to actual bat cave.

As the waves of the sea usually pond over the rocks and swift current take offshore, this particular site is best site to dive. Lobsters and of course bats overhead and sea snakes possibly make dive fascinating experience for you.

Angol Point

If you’ve never dived in your life, Angol point is the best place of Boracay for beginners to learn scuba diving. Maximum depth of the site will be around 12 meters. Night dives at Angol point can give you fascinating experience and it is good place for snorkeling as well.


The depth of this particular diving site ranges from 35 to 60 meters. So, it is suitable only for advanced scuba divers only. This is the most famous dive site of Boracay which includes white tips and grey reef sharks, giant trevallies, dogtooth tuna and napoleon wrasses. Surface conditions of Yapak can be rough, so it is always suggested to be careful.