Mountaineering: Hobby, Sport, And Profession

Mountaineering has been a sport that has been practiced for many centuries. Adventurers from all over the world have reveled at the idea of exploration and pushing themselves to the limit for the greater good.

Today, mountaineering has become a form of sport for any individual that seeks a much more extreme hobby. It requires the individual to be physically and mentally fit to endure the strenuous activity.

Mountaineering does not only include flat plains but also icy slopes, rough mountainsides, and rocky areas. The individual also need to be knowledgeable abut the technicalities of mountaineering if he/she wants to survive the rigors of the adventure itself.

It is important to note that aside from the very skill mountaineers possess, a lot of their survivability also depends on the gear that they equip themselves with.

Proper gear for certain hikes is a must. Here are some of the basic equipments that are needed for mountaineering:

  1. Navigation Gadgets – heavy duty altimeters and compasses to help in the navigation of harsh terrain. GPRS equipment is also needed as this is very essential for mountaineering.
  2. Carabiners and Strong Rope – strong rope for climbing is a must as well as the carabiners that hold them together.
  3. Quickdraws – available in all sizes these gadgets allow the ropes to freely move from each other and allowing the mountaineer to stay clamped through an anchor.
  4. Pulleys & Rappel Devices – pulleys are devices used to withstand the weight of heavy objects while it is being pulled. Belays are devices used to create friction in the rope that help prevent it from slipping.
  5. Crampons – these are sharp, teeth-like metal strap-on to the boot that allows the climber to keep a strong hold on icy surfaces.
  6. Ice Pick and Axes – it is a basic gear used by mountaineers to help them hold a good grip while ascending through icy surfaces. They are available in many shapes and designs.
  7. Headlamps – this gadget may come in handy when light becomes scarce during your adventure.
  8. Ice Screws and Nuts – This gadget is very similar to normal screws but is used for anchoring the mountaineer in thick, icy surfaces.
  9. Mountaineering Apparel & Accessories – apparel includes basic mountaineering clothing used to protect the individual from the harsh weather and terrain. Examples of which are boots, outdoor jackets, gloves and mittens, base layers, and mountaineering pants.
  10. Camping Accessories – includes all-weather, all-terrain camping tents and comforters.

Mountaineering requires the individual to be alert at all times. It is not an easy sport due to the hazards that it may pose, but knowledge of the terrain and ones capabilities and alertness may prove to be just as rewarding.

Mountain climbers must remember that the hazards of such a sport include falling debris and the risk of the individual falling as well. Climbing snow clad mountainsides and moist covered rocks may also prove to be an obstacle for adventurers so every safety precaution must be exercised.