How To Enjoy Camping While Cycling Around The World?

Many travelers that are choosing to enjoy the nature on a bicycle are often practicing camping, while cycling. Of course this is certainly not for beginners, for it requires certain abilities. As first camping while cycling is a lot more interesting, for you camp on all the places you want, while you are following your trail. Moreover, you don’t need to make a plan about the location of your camping.

bicycle camping

There are some tips, which surely should help you, especially if you travel the world on a bicycle. One of the most common problems is the camping equipment.

There is specific camping equipment that can be carried on a bicycle trip, but in case you don’t have such equipments, just consider taking the most important items.

cycle camping

Tent is an absolute must have, as well as sleeping sack or a bag. Try to take cooking sets that don’t require a lot of space. Small gas stove and a mini fuel bottle will be proper for bicycle touring trip.

The supply of food should be carried in a different bag, as well as cooking pots and utensils. Another issue is the weather. The experts are advising you to choose places with less drastic changes, when it comes to climate and weather, for you will need certain equipment. Therefore, consider the all-season tent as a must have in a cycling traveling tour.


  1. I enjoyed camping but never tried camping while cycling. Thanks for that idea. Discovering new places, new things, new adventures is a lot of fun. A bonding time together with your love one. A way to learn a lot more things together. And it enriches our social activities as well.

  2. Cycling is another way to enjoy camping. I never tried it but I strongly believe that is exciting and fun, just like hiking or climbing. I heard so much about it from friends and I like the idea.


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