Fall For Canada And Stay Active!

The fall is here now, but winter’s still far enough away that you can enjoy some last-minute activities before the snow starts to fall. There are several enjoyable activities to enjoy in Canada during the cool autumn days. It’s a good time to take advantage of the quieter roads and parks to enjoy the outdoors as long as possible.

Now’s a great time to take a camping trip as you’ll find the grounds and parks a lot less busy than the summer. In addition, many campgrounds and parks will be offering special rates until the end of the season.

bike tripIt’s an ideal time to enjoy some peace and quiet while soaking up Mother Nature at the same time.

Just remember to dress properly and be prepared for a change in the weather.

It’s a good idea to wear a base layer, a light fleece for warmth, and then a top that protects you from the rain and wind.

Take a bike trip

The fall is a wonderful time to get the bike out for a ride to explore some of the country’s fantastic back country. There are hundreds of excellent bike trails to enjoy in each province and if you’d like to make it a trip in a lifetime there are several companies that offer train/bike tours where you can take your bike on board the train to any destination in Canada and then take a guided bike tour once you get there. The air’s a bit cooler in the fall and usually more comfortable for most people.

Catch the changing leaves

Watching the leaves change colours in Canada can be an amazing experience. Once the temperatures start to fall many types of trees start to transform into a multitude of eye-catching colours such as red, gold, orange, and brown.

Fall fairs

While taking a bike trip or viewing the fall foliage, you may want to check out some of the country’s famous fall fairs and visit some of its charming country lodges and inns.

Many small towns across Canada hold annual fall fairs and festivals, and let’s not forget the fun and interesting pumpkin farms around Halloween time.

Road trip

Taking a cross country drive or just an hour-long trip is always a good idea in the autumn as the roads aren’t as busy and the countryside is as colourful as ever.

You could head east to Halifax for some fresh seafood, take a trip the west for some country music out in Calgary, or try out the cocktails and restaurants in Toronto. There are more than enough interesting sites in Canada to keep you busy for days on end.