Bear Lake Highlights Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the most scenic and adventurous regions of Colorado is Bear Lake which sits in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s an ideal spot for hiking, camping, fishing and more. The region features the snowy peaks of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains which are covered in fir and spruce trees.

They lead down to an open meadow on which sits the magnificent Bear Lake, which is a paradise for tent camping. It sits in the most south-eastern section of national forest land in the state.

Bear Lake coloroda

There’s plenty of moving and still water around in the area, so fishing is naturally one of the most popular activities. There are numerous hiking trails and one of the best hikes is over to the Spanish Peaks, which is an interesting national natural landmark.

The campground is beside the dense forest and the mountain meadow just above Bear Lake.

In the campground you’ll find numerous wooded campsites which offer various types of views over Bear Lake. There are also some more open camp sites that are located on the grassy meadow. These sites aren’t as secluded and offer a little less in the way of privacy.

However, the trade off is that you’ll get some excellent views of Steep Mountain which will be above you. In addition, the views of the meadow and distant mountain peaks are also exceptional.

The park also features picnic areas, Sprague Lake, and the Moraine Park Museum. There’s a pretty good sized picnic area close to Sprague Lake.

These can also be reached by hiking. In fact, some of the trails are relatively short and are fine for families with children. There are also some more strenuous ones for those who want a good workout.

You’ll also find lots to do at Bear Lake in the winter when it freezes. It’s quite popular with cross country skiers and snow tubers.

However, the lake and Rocky Mountain National Park are usually quite a bit busier in the summer months. But the good news is there’s a shuttle bus from the parking area to the park.