Canyoneering – A Challenge For The Lovers Of The Great Outdoors

The extreme sports are conquering more and more ground on the tourist market all over the world. The adventure, the adrenaline, the limits, the risk, the courage and the challenge are the elements that an increasing number of people who share a great affection for the great outdoors are eager to experience.

Long walks, visiting museums have slowly become part of the tourisms people used to do in the past and gradually they were replaced by rafting, canyoneering, diving, jumping and sky gliding.

The canyoneering has been around for almost two decades and in many parts of the Europe there is talk about daring people going down waterfalls since the ‘80s. This sport has conquered a large part of the Europe and took along a large number of fans with a taste for something new and innovating, able to make the blood rush.


In the camping sites all over Germany, France and Switzerland, there are special teams offering the campers the possibility to take a chance and dare to experience the rush of feeling the heartbeat of the wild nature close to their touch.

Canyoneering has a few very precise rules. It is usually done on the very large and very wild rivers and the person doing it is wearing a harness and goes down on a climbing cord on the steep water course, through water till he reaches the base of the waterfall. In the case that at the base there are no cliffs to help them stop, the people release the harness and jump into the water.

Of course, there is a significant amount of danger and the descend must be done with the help of a pro because the rocks that could appear stable at the first sight may be in fact eroded by the water flow and a high water debit after the rain can even cause death.

That’s why it is important for the tourists that they will receive the right gear and training, as well as the right assistance to get things done safely.

In the countries where this sport has a bit of tradition, like New Zealand and Australia, there are even special courses and special equipment shops that will allow the people to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Apart from the adrenaline rush, the canyoneering can become a great way of enjoying the outdoors and feeling you are part of nature and its amazing wilderness.