Expert Tips to Stop a Boat from Capsizing

When you take your boat to the waters, you can never know how the weather may act. It can be very pleasant or it can be quite bad and many a times the storms can cause your boat to capsize. Though you have received training in your sailing classes on how to act when your boat capsizes, there are quite a few laymen’s tips that may help you get through the crisis. Here are some helpful pointers that will go a long way in saving you a lot of trouble in case your boat capsizes.

stop a boat from capsizingWhat to do when your boat capsizes

  • The moment you realize that your boat is losing balance or the safety of your boat has been compromised, make sure that everyone on deck wears a life jacket. You need to keep your cool, hand out these life jackets and then tend to the other work.
  • If your boat has hit something and you see water coming into your boat then make sure that you plug that hole well or you cover it to prevent further water from entering. You then need to bail the water out of the boat. You cannot have water sloshing all over your boat.
  • Assemble all the weight on the boat and place it in the center. Make sure that everyone on board is sitting low and preferably are in the middle of the boat to control the weight.
  • Tell everyone that walking on the deck or standing on the edges is dangerous. This not only misbalances the boat but also makes it more probable for the boat to capsize.
  • Reduce the speed of the boat while you are controlling it. If there are high waves then make sure that you sail into them and not face the waves sideways. If you do the latter then the force of the waves will upturn the boat and crack the sides.

Important Pointer

As a last case scenario if your boat capsizes, then do not try and swim away. An upturned boat is easier to track for a distance. You need to be near the upturned boat. If in that way the boat is floating try and sit on the surface and wait for help to come.

It is easier to spot the boat than it would be to spot you. Before the boat capsizes, make an effort to reach out to other people so that they know of your plight.

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