Canoe Trip Packing List

Primarily practiced in North America, Canoe trip is synonymous to canoeing, canoe camping, canoeing expedition. Canoe camping or a canoe trip opens the door to explore variety of adventures and sports with your friends, family or the canoeing team. Canoe camping takes you to some other world wherein you get a chance to admire beauty of the nature.

The trip basically includes traveling to long distances and carrying enough stuff with you so as to spend nights and days at camps and canoes. This simply means backpacking essential items such as tent, clothing, accessories and food stuff. Given below is a canoe trip packing list that may help you if you decide to go on an expedition canoeing.

canoe trip packing list

Equipment Pack

This includes all the necessary items such as knife, spoons, bowls, soaps, matchsticks, rope, tape, first aid kit, radio, cutting boards, garbage bags, satellite phone, water purifier, and repair kits.

Personal Packs

The number of personal packs depends on the number of people who are going to canoe camping. This includes sleeping bags, sweaters, pullovers, jackets, bathing suit, shorts, undies, swim suit, shorts, rash guard, sun shielding shirt, spray jacket, synthetic under wear, synthetic vest, insulating clothes, synthetic mitten, gloves, moisture wicking tee shirt, moisture wicking underpants, helmet, paddling gloves, toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, cosmetic items, towel-small and big, writing pad, pen, torch or flashlight, wet shoes, daily wear slippers, rain coat, umbrella.

Food Packs

The food packs should be packed in appropriate quantity. This includes dry food, biscuits, water bottles, lemon water, sugar syrup, salt water, fruits, half cooked vegetables, packed food, refrigerated items, chocolates, toffees, digestive pills, medicines, and other favorite food items that don’t get stale.

Bum Packs

This includes carrying alarm clock, band aid, lip balm, matches, sunscreen, tobacco, extra toilet paper, tweezers, and compass, extra daily medicines, pain relievers, crepe bandage, ointments, pain relieving ointments.

  • While in the canoe, make sure to carry paddles, boat safety kit, water bottle, map as to where to go, enclosed in a waterproof case, lifejackets, whistle, torch, horn, speaker, navigation compass.

Repair Kit

This includes sealant, bailing wire, nylon cord or bungee cord, putty, replacement nuts, extra bolts, duct tape, adhesive, blade, extra wire, rope, extra cloth, extra paper.

Camping Basics

This includes tent or tarp, sleeping pad, ice cooler, ice box, insect repellant, mosquito repellant net,