Canoe Paddling Basics that you Should Follow

Canoeing is adventurous and people can have extreme fun with this outdoor activity. This is one of the finest human-powered vehicles, with which, you can easily reach the remote places. Learning canoeing is challenging and undoubtedly needs some practice.

However, it is essential that you know some basics of the same so that you can have the best time canoeing. The below mentioned basics are sure to be helpful, by which, the art of canoeing can be learnt and can also be improved.

canoe paddling basics

Know to wear PFD in the right manner

This is one of the important parts of the canoeing basics. PFDs would have many buckles and straps and this could quite be confusing for the amateurs to put it on. It needs to be adjusted in the right way, which is an integral part of learning canoeing.

Know to hold a canoe paddle

This sounds quite simple. However, most of the people fail in this part and they tend to hold the paddles in a wrong way. When a canoe paddle is not held in the right way, it would lead to loss of power, tendinitis and fatigue.

Hence, it is necessary to know as to how to hold a canoe paddle from the beginning itself for the sake of avoiding any unnecessary problems at a later stage.

Know and understand the anatomy of canoe stroke

There are many types of canoe strokes. However, the anatomy remains the same. There are 3 phases in a canoe stroke and they are catch phase, power phase and recovery phase. When you have sufficient knowledge of the purpose of every phase, it will surely assist in speeding up of your learning towards mastery.

Begin learning with canoe forward stroke

The first kind of stroke that you should learn is forward stroke. Learning this stroke will require good power and it includes sitting up and straight and also proper torso rotation.

Continue learning with canoe J stroke

This is an important part of learning canoe stroke. This is important as with every forward stroke, the canoe would turn towards the opposite side. With this stroke, it can easily be corrected and the canoe can be moved forward.

Go for the draw stroke and paddle in tandem

Even the draw stroke is meant for the sake of correcting the direction of the canoe. Learning the paddle in tandem is the difficult of all. The paddler in stern is the person who controls the direction of the canoe.

Considering the above mentioned tips, canoeing is sure to be an easy one and will definitely be an exciting one.

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