Best Guide to Go for Canoeing with your Dog

When you are all set for your canoeing or paddling adventure, it really gets tough to leave behind your adorable pet back at home or at the kennel! Well, taking your dog to canoeing along with you is no longer a dreadful idea if you can actually plan the trip properly with the right essentials in hand.

This article will help you with a list of key supplies that is essential when you take your dog for canoeing. Check out the tips mentioned below and have a safe and enjoyable canoeing this year with your doggy by your side –

guide to go for canoeing wiyh your dogIntroduce Canoeing Concept to your Dog

You just cannot expect the furry pet to be happy and jumping around on his first canoe trip. Firstly, make sure that he is comfortable enough onboard and he is not slipping and sliding around the canoe. Take him through some practice runs and get him adjusted to the thrill. Remember; NEVER tie the dog to the boat.

Select the Right Boat for him

Sliding wet canoes are a big NO when you are planning to take your dog along with you. Many modern canoes get slippery on being wet, which isn’t a very good idea for doggies at least! Stay away from royalex or polyethylene canoes. You can clean the canoe to the driest and adhere the ground with textured dock tape or bathtub that are good for the dogs; since they are both adhesive friendly, non slippery and mold free. Cover the areas where you plan to get your dog seated on the canoe. You can also try attaching suction cups at the bottom of the canoe. During summers, do not go for aluminium boats.

Lifejackets are a MUST

While you take your dog along with you; DO NOT ponder on the fact whether he knows swimming or not. Just get a life jacket for him as an essential. Many stores offer light and comfortable life jackets for dogs; get the one that keeps your four legged friend comfortable.

Engage your dog

Yes, your dog can also be your helping hand while you set out for this adventure. You might be all engaged to balance your canoe, traipse through the waters, and get prepared for the next paddle; his paws and knees can help you to get important things when needed on the boat. But make sure he is well trained for this act and does not tumble down while doing it.

Make him Wear Bear Bells

If you have anchored your canoe in some remote place; especially forested area and there are chances of other wild animals, where your dog might go astray exploring them – do consider a safe way to trace him when needed. Get him wear bear bells around his collar and hear him anywhere all the time. This is essential for his safety.

Take his Essentials

It is always not possible to carry the huge kennel and other daily items of the dog as everything might not be portable. In that case, at least take his bedding and portable couch along with you so that he gets a good night’s sleep and peaceful rest. Need not say, his food stock, chewable bones and other small items should be with you to calm him when he yearns for his home.

Taking your closest friend to an adventure that is close to your heart is indeed a pleasurable experience. Enjoy your next canoeing trip with your doggy with these set of guidelines that are never to fail!