Learn the Basics of Bike Maintenance

A bike owner loves her/his bike like a baby is loved by parents. Since it’s a machine, we need to take care of it and the internal parts at regular interval as in case of any disruption the machine will simply start giving trouble or stop working completely. You would surely not like to happen it while travelling. So, all of you here are some ways to take care of your bike effectively:

bike maintenance

Keep it Clean

The least you could do is to keep your bike clean, for it to keep on functioning well and look good. Washing your bike at regular interval is equally important. You can get it washed from a washing centre or get someone to do it for you.

But it is always better to just do it yourself. Doing it yourself will help to save money plus you will pay attention to the details of your bike up close.

Also, it makes it a lot harder to fix a bike which is dirty or has grease all over it. But if you keep it clean you just might get some compliments as well!


Check the inner & outer parts of the bike. Adjust the parts which you feel are faulty. You can also consult a mechanic or an automobile expert if you think that the problem is substantial. Also, check the lights and make sure that they are bright and are working properly.


After you lubricate the bike, keep it down and allow the oil to run into the seals. In order for the lubricant to work, you need to keep the dust out. Clean and remove dust and dirt from fork stanchions and seals.

Checking Wheels

Turn the bike upside down and spin the wheels with your hands to check whether they are working correctly or not. Also, you can place two fingers on the side of the rims to feel any cuts or dents. Get them fixed if you find any. Check the disk brakes, if you have them. Check the tire pressure as well.


You should get your bike serviced once every few months, especially if you use it frequently. It can be done at home by you or you can get a mechanic to do it for you. You can start by removing the wheels and cleaning thoroughly.

Clean Rim Brakes

Clean the brake pads and rims with a solution. You can use a scrub pad to clean the dirt from the break pad. Replace the old pads if they have worn out. Also, check the thickness of the pad, it will give you a good idea of the wear and tear. Check that the pads are in contact with the rim, if they aren’t so, correct them. Make sure that the rim brakes of your bikes are centered.

Thus with the above given tips you can maintain your bike in a proper manner.

Photo Credit By: whitegadget.com