7 Biking Mistakes that can put you in Danger

Biking is one activity which can either be done as a hobby or may be taken up for commuting purpose. In either case, one has to be extremely very careful while riding a bike and consider proper safety precautions. Be it beginners or professional bikers, everyone tends to make certain mistakes which can put them in danger. The following are some of these common biking mistakes:

biking mistakes that can put you in danger1.Not Wearing a Helmet

This is one of the most common and most dangerous biking mistakes. Remember that safety comes before your hairstyle and not wearing a helmet can seriously hurt you or may even be the cause of a fatal accident.

2. Starting out too hard

Another common mistake is starting out with biking too hard. When starting with biking, you must start slowly and let your body ease according to the activity. Starting too hard will cause soreness and even injuries.

3. Acting Overconfident

Biking is definite a ‘cool’ activity but acting overconfident can be extremely dangerous and rather silly. Make sure your confidence level matches your skills and doesn’t go too overboard.

4. Locking the Bike Incorrectly

Many bikers tend to lock their bike incorrectly. This is a common mistake which can actually be risky since it can lead to theft. Try and use U lock as they are effective and easy to use.

5. Buying a Bike that doesn’t Fit

Many times; bikers tend to purchase extra cool or jazzy bikes which are actually uncomfortable to ride on or may not suit you as per your liking. Always buy a bike which works the better for you and not for onlookers.

6. Not Maintaining the Bike

Once you purchase a bike, you must take the responsibility of maintaining it regularly. Poor maintenance can make the ride uncomfortable and may even pose dangerous problems. Check the tires, the seat, the brakes and other controls to ensure that they are functioning in the best possible way. Tires need to be pumped to the right volume whereas bolts and pedals must be tight.

7. Not Making Right Gear Changes

Another common biking mistake which can actually be dangerous is not making the right and efficient gear changes. Changing gears in the right way can actually make the right more enjoyable and will also help to enhance the performance of the bike. If you don’t make gear changes at the right time, then there is a possibility of the chain sliding off.