The Top Biking Cities in the World

Biking is an outdoor sport or activity loved by many across the world. While most cities and places in the world may support driving of four wheelers, they may not be too friendly towards two wheelers and this is something which can put biking lovers a little off.

But there are certain cities which are biking friendly which means that they have dedicated cycling or biking tracks made along with lanes, traffic signals and parking lots. If you too are a biking lover and consider it among the best means of transport, you can check out the following given list of the top biking cities in the world:

top biking cities in the worldCopenhagen

Denmark’s capital Copenhagen can be considered as the most bike friendly city in the world as it offers specially made biking lanes, tracks, has special traffic signals for bikers and also offers many safe parking lots for cyclists. About 36% of the population of Copenhagen uses a bicycle to go to work, school or office. One can easily rent a bike in Copenhagen which costs a very little amount per day.

Portland, OR

Another city in the world which is totally great for biking lovers is Portland in US.  In this city, the travel using bicycles is almost at par with all the other automobiles and there are about 270 miles of on street biking lanes and especially paved paths.  Other than this, there are parking lots for bicycles, lock up corrals, bikes for rent and many other related facilities.

Munich, Germany

In Munich, there is a much brighter chance or arriving at work faster on a bicycle than on the car or the train. This is yet another top biking city in the world and has dedicated lanes, special traffic signals, marked routes and many bike route diagrams spread all across the city for bicycle travelers.  You can also easily rent a bicycle at train stations or bus stations.


With hundreds of miles or biking routes and lanes, Montreal is also one of the top biking friendly cities in the world and also has paved recreation paths for those who regularly use bike as their primary means of transportation in the city.  Montreal also has America’s largest bike share program in which 3000 bikes are available each day for rent for about $5 a day.


Australian City Perth too finds its way on the list of the top biking cities in the world, thanks to the hundreds of miles of marked biking routes that can be found here coupled with bike lanes, bicycle friendly streets etc. This city has the most advanced and the most extensive cycling networks in the world and also has an enclosed bicycle parking facility at many train stations.  At these train stations, bikers get a chance to use lockers, get bikes for hire etc. the entire city has special signages and signals to help bicyclers find their way across without any problem.