Stay Safe From The Camping Fire

While you are on camping, moving on a caravan or hiking or just even spending the night out of your home for a little outdoor recreation, it is very important to stay safe from the camping fire.
How to keep your tents away from fire?

It is better not to light a candle or to have any flammable materials inside or closer to your tent. Modern big tents allow inside cooking facilities.

In spite of these it is advisable not to cook inside but to conduct this activity out of the tent.

If you still want to do your cooking inside the tents make sure that the stove is kept away from the roof and walls.

Keep an eye over the children, as they like to play with fire. Never smoke inside or near to your tent and try to make your tents away from caravans as caravans may have a burning stove inside them. Above all make an escape plan and make sure you know the escape route.

Fire safety for caravans

Because of the comfort and luxuries offered by the modern caravans, people tend to be somewhat careless about the danger of fire, which should not be ignored. Fit smoke detectors in your caravan, keep fire extinguisher near the door.

Never leave children alone in caravan and keep them away from fire creating elements. Use non-flammable objects as ashtrays for smoking and put gas cylinders out side of the caravans.

Cooking should not be left unattended and make sure the ventilation system is working properly. Also you should not cook when the caravan is moving.

Be careful with the campfire

If you are allowed to make campfire or barbecues, make sure that the children are playing away from fire or barbecue gear. After being done with the cooking make sure you fully extinguished the fire and give it time to be completely cold before you go to bed.

When You Are Moving on a Car or Hiking

Never throw cigarette ends out of a moving car window because this is one of the main reasons of causing the most forest fires. Take all the bottles and glasses with you before leaving the camp.

Still the Fire Can Break Out

After taking all kind of careful measures, still the fire can break out. In this situation get everyone out of the tents or caravan immediately. If it is not possible for you put out the fire with blanket of large piece of cloth.

Keep in mind not to put water over oil or grease fire because it will only make it worse. Do your best and alert the authorities if your camping fire gets out of hand.