Camp Fire Safety Is Always Essential

camp fireFor most people camping is all about gathering around a campfire, exchanging stories and joining in with some appropriate singing.

However make sure you follow some simple guidelines to ensure that your vacation does not require a visit from a fire crew.

In certain areas which are very dry the risk from forest fires will means that it is better to forget about lighting any kind of fire.

Always be respectful of any local rules that apply in this area and if in doubt do not light even a match.

Personal safety and the protection of others is the overwhelming factor when planning to have a camp fire. If there are young children in your party it might be better to not have one at all, rather than constantly warning them to keep away. Basic common sense says to never leave a fire unattended for any reason at all.

Most American campgrounds will provide a fire ring at each spot and these will have been located appropriately to be both safe and convenient. The whole point of a ring is to keep a fire contained and stop any sparks escaping from the flames.

Be cautious of what you burn in your campfire. You should stick to manageable pieces of firewood, which easily fits within your fire pit. It is not a good idea to burn large logs that stick out past your fire pit. It is important to avoid burning fresh branches that give off excess sparks.

If you find that your chosen site does not have this facility then carefully choose the location of your camp fire. This should be more than five feet from any firewood and from the tent area, avoiding any particular dry areas and stored items containing flammable materials.