When Camping Don’t Leave Anything Behind When You Move On

campgroundsA big part of camping is respecting nature and the environment around us, in terms of keeping the surroundings litter free and cleaning up after your self is all about leading by example.

There will always be a certain type of person who does not care and will leave a mess behind them.

It is annoying and you may feel tempted to think why should I clear up their mess.

However, this would be stooping to their level and you know that deep down you are, just not that type of a person. You are responsible and you do care about the world that we live in.

The ethos when camping is the same as a picnic or any other outdoor activity, when you leave it should feel like no-one was ever there in the first place.

Dispose waste correctly or if there are no amenities available take your litter home with you. Be respectful to your neighbors as well as animals and birdlife.

The remnants of any campfires should be cleared away and don’t forget the little things, for example if one of your party is a smoker ensure that all traces are dealt with.

Usually if you set up a system from day one it will be easy for everyone to follow and nothing will be forgotten anyway.

In campgrounds there will usually be a designated spot where old dishwater can be discarded, never empty soapy water into rivers or streams. It will cause pollution and be harmful to fish and other creatures living in the freshwater.