Helpful 8 Tips for Camping without Electricity

Good tips for camping outdoors can make a lot of difference to your trip as they will not only make the trip more enjoyable but you will be prepared for the adversities as well.

Especially, if you are opting to camp without electricity or outdoor hookups make sure you are well prepared for the same. This type of camping can be fun, challenging and adventurous and finding alternate power sources should be the first priority while camping. Below given are some of the tips that will surely prove to be helpful while camping without electricity.

camping without electricity

Battery Charger that can be Plugged in to the Vehicle Power Outlet

Once outdoor, it’s likely that your phone usage will increase and the batteries might run out of charge very soon. So, either bring rechargeable batteries and a charger that is adaptable to your vehicle power output; or bring extra batteries along with you so that you can stay connected to your loved ones and keep them informed about yourself.

Multiple Flashlights

Darkness is bound to come down, if its winters you will get plunged into darkness even earlier. Without electricity, your next option for quick source of light is a flashlight. You get these in various sizes and some of them can be even worn or attached to the tent walls. So make sure to carry good Camping flashlights along with you.

Head Torches

The Coleman dual fuel lamp is backed up with the battery lamps which are great head torches and can offer the basic lighting needs while camping without electricity. You can even read in this Camping Lights!

Campfire Wood

Since there is no electricity thus in order to cook food while camping, you would need fire. So make sure to have plenty of wood and other inflammables to your camping trip


Matches and a Lighter

Fire is the most important tool if you are in the outdoors and have no electricity. So make sure to have tools that will help to initiate fire. Matches and lighters are the handiest items for the purpose; keep the matches in an air tight box. It is a good idea to have both in case one fails you can use the other.

Thus follow the above given tips and enjoy your camping trip without any hassles even if it does not have an electricity connection.

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