Some Camping Etiquette Tips

Camping EtiquetteIn order that you are in consonance not only with your fellow campers but also with Mother Nature, it is essential that certain camping etiquette should be observed, which makes for a problem free and satisfying camping experience.

Here are some of the ways in which you can be a good camper and a happy camper as well:

Leave it as you found it

This is perhaps the most important rule to follow when camping; you should make every attempt to minimize any damage or alternation to your natural surroundings.

Leave behind none of the rubbish and garbage that human being tend to generate such copious amounts of. Use the rubbish bins or if there aren’t any, take your own.

Clean up behind you, try not to leave any traces of your occupation and make sure the person who will occupy the stop finds the site much as you found it.

Respect the rules of the campsite

If bon fires are banned or even frowned upon, eschew them.  Sometimes areas for camp fires are designated, so keep within those.

If collecting wood is not allowed, respect the ban and don’t. In any case it is inadvisable to take wood from standing trees. You can either carry your own or do without.

If pets are not allowed, don’t try and circumvent the rule, and if they are, make sure your pooch is well behaved and clean up after it.

Respect your neighbors

Even if camping plots are not clearly demarcated, make sure you don’t impinge upon the personal space or belongings of other campers, without their permission.

Don’t play music too loud or too late into the night. It can not only disturb others, it can actually spoil the whole outdoor experience for them. Carry earphones instead. Be polite and friendly but not over friendly and inquisitive.

Respect your wild neighbors too

Remember you are camping in someone else’s backyard; that is the wildlife. Don’t harm, harass, intimidate or pursue the wild life. And don’t think you are doing any favors by feeding the animal your scraps.

Processed, refined, seasoned and salted food that humans usually have is not what animals are supposed to have, and you may well cause an imbalance by feeding the animals, so don’t. Also feeding them can invite the worst kind of attention; you would not appreciate a visit from a bear in the middle of the night now would you?