Sharing The Wonders Of Camping In Your Own Backyard

camping in bacyardLast Saturday, how many people were cleaning out the garage and came across their old camping gear?

You know the camping gear that’s been packed away for the last ten years.

In the old days, people loved to go camping; that is, before the house, kids and the honey-do lists.

With busy lives, it can be difficult to get away for the weekend, especially with little kids and all their ‘stuff’ in tow.

What if it doesn’t have to be a trip?  What if everything you need is just a few yards away?

Go ahead and pull out that old camping tent and the sleeping bags. Clean off the dust and maybe take the kids shopping for sleeping bags of their own. You can set up camp in your own backyard.

A fire pit can take the place of a campfire. Hot dogs and marshmallows roasted over the fire are a fun and delicious treat for the kids; perhaps throw a couple of steaks on the backyard grill for the grownups.

Children can sleep in the tent with mommy and daddy which can be quite adventurous for them as well as a welcome break in routine for the parents. Finally, who doesn’t love a great ghost story sitting around the fire. Creating and sharing stories can be a fun and bonding experience for the whole family.

It doesn’t have to be hard to share quality time with your family. Backyard camping doesn’t require the planning and stress of a planned trip – just set up the tent and do it. If you had forgotten something, the grocery store is two blocks away and the car is in the driveway.