Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Campsite

mosquito netInsects can be a real pain when out and about on a camping trip, but by taking a few simple precautions, you can avoid having your outdoor experience ruined.

Mosquitoes do not like the smoke from the fire so once the campfire is established; gathering around it should solve your problems.

During the day, it could be worth considering keeping a small campfire going just to have a place to run to, if they all become too much. Unlike if you are at home there are usually no buildings around to take refuge away from them.

Wearing the right clothing can help, long sleeves and whole leg coverage is best although if the weather is very hot this could be impractical.

Another alternative precaution is increasing the level of garlic in your blood stream. By taking capsules or eating food with a high content, your blood will become less appealing to the female mosquito, a bit like the humble vampire.

While sleeping the best advice is to put up a net, these are readily available and offer excellent overall protection to avoid sleepless nights. Mosquito nets will also work against other bugs so it is well worth packing on for your trip.

Lastly always pack some insect repellants even if you might not plan to use it. This tried and tested method should never be dismissed, so even if you are going to use a new more alternative product, have this handy as a backup. Apply liberally and a spray is better than cream, modern brands are now available as odor free.