Keeping Dry While Camping

camping3Every year when the camping season starts, many people set out on camping trips to explore nature and enjoy a good outing in close contact with the forest or other natural environments.

However, it is important to follow a few basic rules, if you want to fully appreciate your camping excursion and keep dry during the stay in your tent.

Although one usually chooses to camp during the warmer season, the ground in the countryside or woods is often dewy in the mornings and at times occasional rainstorms can surprise you.

To avoid the humidity and water in your tent use seam sealers, this treatment must be repeated each year at the beginning of the camping season.

Place a cloth or sheet between the ground and the base of the tent, then fold the edges in, to avoid the humidity or rain from collecting on the sheet.

Should you be in a rainstorm, remember to move all gear and sleeping bags away from the walls of the tent and when coming into the tent with wet clothes, remove these, as well as your wet shoes, and place them in a corner or at the front of your tent.

It is however advisable to be equipped with rain gear in order to protect your clothes from getting wet.

If you are well equipped for the rain and humidity, you will not feel the unpleasantness of the outside conditions, no matter how wet and humid they may be, and will continue to enjoy your camping excursion despite the weather.