Different Problems In Camping And Tips For A Safe Campout!

safe campoutDo you love to indulge in different problems while camping? Some problems such as natural hazards cannot be controlled, but there are many campers who take wrong steps in their camping and indulge in different problems.

There are many man-made problems to take care of and with proper care you can get along the adverse effects.

The negligence of the campers can be hazardous for you and the co-campers too. You should have responsibility towards the camping and must be responsible of every act.

Have you heard the statement “prevention is better than cure”, if proper preventions are not taken, you are the one to spoil your camping experience. Hence, proper care is important in every step of the camping for having successful camping.

Guidelines to follow for safe camping:

Hypothermia: This is also seen in campers who do not take care of the temperature drops. This is commonly seen in people living in mountains and in cold temperatures.

If proper care is not taken towards the treatment of hypothermia, it can even lead to death. When camping in cold places, your body temperature comes down abruptly and causes hypothermia.

  • Always prefer wearing synthetic and woolen clothes, if you feel that you can have the attack of hypothermia.
  • Avoid cotton clothes, as these clothes cannot withhold the heat for longer time and can expel the body heat outside.
  • If there is a chance of rain or huge winds at your camping grounds see that you carry ‘shell’ with you for safety.
  • If the temperature in the campground comes down suddenly, then carry ‘parka’ for safety.

With proper care you can avoid hypothermia to have a safe camping.

Have proper training: When you have pre-planned your camping, see that you have prepared properly for the camping. Camping can include hiking, running and other energetic activities.

If planned a long hike in the camping, then you should properly prepare for the long hike. Being prepared is the best solution to avoid exhaustion while hiking.

  • Have regular walk; prepare your body for the walk at the camping ground.
  • Try to use steps rather than the elevator.

Water contamination: Do you want to suffer after drinking contaminated water? Camping ground may not have proper water, but as you do not have proper water source you cannot avoid drinking water. Carry some accessories which turn contaminated water into safe drinking water.

  • Boiling water kills the germs in the water.
  • Handy filters when placed in water can filter the water.
  • If the water is too contaminated, then prefer chemical treatment, treatments such as tablets and drops can solve the problem.

Blisters: If planning for a long ride or a long hike, you come across the blisters. Always carry the moleskin (napped cotton twill fabric), which prevents blisters to happen.

The swelling area which contains a watery fluid, commonly known as blisters, is caused due to over moisture, friction or heat of specific part.

  • Always use clean socks or clothes.
  • Make a small hole and remove the water in the blister
  • Cut the moleskin and place this on the blister.

Sprains: Walking on uneven surfaces is very dangerous and risky too. You have the chance to skid or can even have a sprain. Sprains and fractures are the most common injuries for many campers.

Therefore, you must be very careful while walking, to avoid unnecessary sprains. The best medicine for sprains is R I C E- Rest Ice Compression Elevation. These treatments can solve the sprain.