Natural Hazards You Come Across While Camping And Their Solutions For A Safe Camping!

safe campingBeing safe while camping is the most important aspect to remember.

Safe camping intensifies your camping experience and help to have successful campout.

If proper care is not taken while camping, you come across many things that cause health hazards for campers.

Campers camping in authorized camping grounds may not face many hazards, but people camping in unauthorized camping grounds and woods will face unexplainable problems.

There are many problems in the camping grounds; some problems are natural hazards while some problems occur due to your negligence.

Know the different natural hazards and problems you face while camping and solutions to overcome these problems for making your camping trip successful.

Know the different natural hazards while camping:

Heat: When you are camping in mid summers, see that you do not get into the hands of the harsh heats. We have a quite warm blood and slight heat can make you very exhausted.

When it is hot outside, it is very hard to maintain a cool body. If proper body temperature is not maintained, then you can face many problems.

To control the adverse effects of heat you should:

  • Drink plenty of water to control the rise in body temperature. This also helps you to have control over dehydration which occurs due to the excess loss of sweat.
  • Wear sun protections, which help you to overcome the harsh heats. Hat, sunscreen lotions, light weight clothes are mandatory when camping in sun.
  • Prefer to wear light colored clothes.

Poison ivy: These are the poisonous plants found in the dark forests. If you come across any of these plants in the forest

  • You will have itchy rashes on the body, where you had contact with the poisonous plants.
  • Sometimes these rashes go crusty and bother you.

Care for poison ivy:

  • Wash the area with soap and clean water.
  • Treat the wound with medications.

HAPE: The common illness seen in mountain hikers because of the change in the altitudes is known as High Altitude Pulmonary Adenoma (HAPE). This occurs when excess fluid is drifted to the lungs because of ascending an elevated place quickly.

This is the most common problem hikers face and some times can even lead to death. To overcome HAPE, the best medicine is to descend the elevated place.

Heart rate: When you include hiking as additional entertainment in camping, then you come across this problem. Abrupt changes in the altitudes can cause a change in the heart rate and becomes a very serious problem.

You should regulate your heart rate correctly when hiking. There is one tip to know whether your heart rate is in normal state or not. When hiking, try to talk to others; if you feel suffocated while talking to others, stop the hiking process. Continue the hiking as long as you can talk to others in a proper manner.

Snake bites: When camping in woods, you come across different animals and snake is one of them. When roaming in the woods and sleeping on the ground level, you may experience snake bite.

Being cautious is one way to control snake bites, but sometimes you cannot avoid the snake bites in the woods. So, in case of the snake bite you should

  • Not be panic
  • Get an extractor and try to remove the poison, never do this process with mouth.
  • Keep the injured part to the same level or below to the level of the body. This avoids the fast expansion of the venom.
  • Head to the doctor for treatment.

These are some of the natural hazards and their solutions for campers.