How to Deal With Bad Weather During a Camping Trip

Camping is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable activities. When the weather is perfect, camping becomes a peaceful and almost calming break and a vacation that is forever memorable. But bad weather can spoil everything in an instant. The best solution for campers is to always remain prepared. The following points help you to be well prepared.

  • Proper Tents

Buying at least three plus season tents are very helpful as they can withstand both heavy rain and winds. Proper heavy-duty tent pegs are very important as they can withstand heavy rains and other types of bad weather conditions. They keep tents securely in place and help you keep you sheltered. Tent extensions are also useful as they are used as a separate “wet zone” in wet weather conditions. In all bad weather conditions, they act as additional shelter and storage areas.

How to Deal With Bad Weather During a Camping Trip

  • Rain Ponchos/Thin Plastic Raincoats

Rain Ponchos are an essential item as they come in handy in any type of wet weather. They very importantly ensure that the body remains dry and prevents you from falling ill. They are a relatively light and easy item to carry and an essential part of your camping trip.

  • Plastic and Waterproof Bags and Newspapers

Plastic and waterproof bags always prove useful for either storing items or keeping them dry. In wet weather, they are used to segregate wet and dry items. In bad weather, they are also used for segregating food items so that they are properly rationed and used. Newspapers are extremely useful in bad weather as it is used as a substitute for lighting a fire. In wet conditions, dry wood is often difficult to find and in such cases newspaper is used instead.

  • Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins are relatively inexpensive but have multiple uses especially in bad weather conditions. If in wet weather, the ground gets muddy, then the tent can be pitched on top of the Tarpaulin. The Tarpaulin, properly tucked-in under the tent, acts as an extra groundsheet. When it is raining, it can also be used as an improvised shelter and keep all of your belongings dry. It is also used as a windbreaker and on the sides of a tent to stop the rain from entering.

  • The Car

Your car is very useful as it can serve many purposes. It serves as a solid permanent structure for shelter during heavy rains or a thunderstorm. You can also use it as an emergency shelter in case you lose your tent. Finally, it can act as a windbreak if strong winds have picked up.

  • Looking Out for Weather Change Signs

These include changes in clouds, which could let you know that rain is imminent. Even activities of wildlife i.e. a sudden change in their behavior convey to you if something is about to happen. For example, wildlife can sense if a storm is coming far earlier than human beings can.

Apart from these, it is a good idea to have entertainment options at hand, including stories or waterproof cards. Musical instruments like a harmonica are useful in keeping up the morale of your group. As bad weather conditions can last for any duration, they can be difficult to cope with. In such situations, maintaining a high morale and positive attitude among all members is essential.