Eight Steps To Combat Rain While Camping

If you have planned a camping trip and the weather forecast says about heavy rains, don’t let it spoil your plans. Take the practical knowledge from this article and make the preparation in a way so that you can make your camping in the rain a great adventure. Or imagine just sitting by the tent door watching the rain and sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee. You can also look at the silver lining in the dark cloud and enjoy the camping with amazing experience. Here are few tips to follow:

Tips to camp during rains

1. Keep plentiful stock of plastic bags so that you can use them wisely in order to carry necessities like food, maps, matches, dry socks, first aid kit, and T-shirts.

2. Bring plastic trash bags, they should be large enough to store your sleeping bag and other items inside them. These plastic bags are customised in a way that can be doubled and made into an emergency rain gear.

3. Pack extra clothes in the bag, especially your socks. If your feets are wet, you might feel dampness and more.

4. A big umbrella is a MUST to use when you are moving out of the tent.

5. Waterproof sprays are available, which can be used to cover your hat, jacket, and tent. Repeat this even if the gear is already water proofed. This spray will give extra capabilities for water shedding.

6. Set up the campsite in the locality that does not get rough winds, but also keep away from low land areas as rain water can run into the tents. Search for a slightly high area preferably under small trees; avoid tall trees in case it’s a lightening prone area.

7. Tarps are MUST when you are venturing in rainy zones for camping, as they give you proper shelter and extra protection when it rains. If they have attached poles, you can set them up for cooking and dining purposes as well.

8. Adequate ventilation is very important factor or else the tent might get humid while it’s raining. Moreover, condensation can form and the items within the tent will all get damp.

It is up to you to decide whether you are going to sit cribbing about the rains or make the best of this situation. If you are camping with your family, you get to spend some quality time together. Carry plenty of games, books, and craft material if you have a crafty nature, or a pack of playing cards.

As far as possible, avoid carrying gadgets like your laptop, or iPod; the rains can damage these gadgets. The climate, after the rain subsides, is amazing, opt for a campfire. Carry a few sticks of wood or coal and enjoy the warmth of the fire in the chilling weather. After enjoying the bonfire, snuggle into your sleeping bags listening to the sound of rain drops hitting the tarp.

Remember to keep yourself warm, especially at night. So, the next time you go camping in the rains you know what you have to do.  Don’t let the rains bring an end to the adventure, but rather enjoy it.

Photo Credit By: bigagnes.com