Bugs And Bites When Camping

camping2Camping is a great way to enjoy vacation and family time while you soak in the beauty of the natural world.

It would seem that nothing can detract from your good time.

Then twilight and the gloaming come around and your group can become a smorgasbord for annoying biting bugs.

If you would rather stay away from commercial bug repellents that are made with dangerous and toxic chemicals there are many herbal alternatives that can do the same job only better and for a lot less money.

Recommended by the Experts

Herbalists recommend three essential oils to stave off the toxic effects of a bug bite along with easing the itch and lessening any inflammation of the skin. They are tea tree , peppermint and lavender oil. You can find these essential oils at most health food stores and natural markets.

You can apply the oils in undiluted form right on the affected areas. You may want to add a couple of drops into baking soda, honey or clay to add to their efficacy. Other essential oils that are repellent to bugs but pleasant to the nose are rosemary, citronella, cedar wood or eucalyptus.

You can grow lavender in your own garden. The spikes of the flowers can be used for dried floral arrangements. You can use the buds and light purple flowers in pot pourris and to scent your camping clothing and add a fragrant smell to your sleeping bags.

Commercially grown lavender is used for aromatherapy and an antiseptic when the oils are extracted from the flowers. [Aromatherapy Oils]

A plant that is typically considered a weed is the plantain plant. You can find it along the roadways and filling the yards of homes in America.

You can dry the herb or use it fresh, finely chop it then add some water. This is the mix you want to apply to a bite or sting.

Once it is applied the area begins to feel warm. What this means is that the blend is drawing the toxins from your skin. Add more plantain until the pain and swelling of the bite has eased.

You don’t have to depend on smelly, commercial bug sprays to keep your skin from becoming breakfast, lunch and dinner to the insect world.

There are plenty of natural and homeopathic remedies that work just as well and pose less risk to your health than those commercially sold bug sprays that have become overpriced with every passing summer season.