Spring Camping – The First Outdoor Challenge of the Year

With the winter days almost over, the thought of meeting the outdoors again is surely in the minds of all those fond of nature.

Still, no matter how much you miss being out there, keep in mind that this is the season that needs you to be prepared.

spring camping

All season tents are built to handle any type of weather and if you plan to go out in nature during the spring months this is the type of tent you need. Keep in mind that the spring months can be challenging so far weather is concerned.

Spring showers and unexpected chilly weather can spoil your trip; so make sure you pack extra clothes.

sleeping bagA 10 F sleeping bag is the right sleeping bag for this purpose and so is a thick mattress that will be able to withstand the cold and humid spring soil.

Spring is a lovely time for walking. The entire nature smiles at you and there are flowers all around.

With all the plants in bloom you have to be careful about the spring allergies.

Make sure you pack an allergy aid kit because you would not want an unexpected allergy to ruin your trip.

Remember that during spring the hibernating animals tend to come out of their dens. If you are camping near a forest or river make sure you take care of the food you pack.

The hungry forest animals may attempt to enjoy it and give you the surprise of making the trip short because food shortage.