Retro Caravans Are The Vintage Ways To Go Camping

If you are old enough to remember the old tin campers that were crowded for two and stifling for three you’re probably not in the mood to think about taking a trip in one.

retro caravan

The campers of the fifties, sixties and seventies are gone. Those old tin cans have been thoroughly redesigned and the new campers are taking families back on the road for vacations.

Everyone from engineers to classic vehicle enthusiasts has completely changed the design style of both the interior and exterior of the new camper’s wagons.

These new vehicles have leopard like curves and custom bedding, microwave ovens refrigerators that will hold more than a couple of sodas and entertainment centers.

People are signing up for caravan tours all over the country. Fleets are getting ready for summer weather so that they can hit the road.

If you want to go retro this year and discover what a trip was like in the old days, take a caravan tour for a camping trip this summer.