Pub Camping Becoming Popular in Britain

It’s not really too hard to find campgrounds and holiday parks that have bars on site in England, but there are also quite a few locations that are actually owned and operated by independent pubs. British countryside pubs have a reputation for being located in some pretty spectacular areas with lovely views and scenery.

pub campingThey’re great places to relax on sunny afternoons as you can listen to the birds sing while sitting outside in the colorful gardens. In the evening you can enjoy some fantastic home-cooked meals and have a leisurely drink.

Of course, not all country pubs are this idyllic, but there are some that live up to the reputation as being somewhere special.

The only thing better than a country pub is one that offers camping on its grounds for tents, caravans, or for both.

These are ideal for campers who arrive late and don’t want to worry about cooking when they’re tired from traveling and for those who don’t want to trek miles out into the wilderness.

Many British pubs that offer camping are situated in charming, picturesque villages and have plenty of land to share with campers.

They’re often used for a place to stay over for the night on touring trips and can also be used as a base to explore the local countryside and historic sites. Most of the campsites are located next to or behind the pubs and are well worth checking out.