Plan It Right To Make Your Rain Camping Enjoyable!

Rain CampingAfter planning an outdoor activity, if it rains, no one likes it. Rain is the unwanted guest for the campers. It restricts the campers to stay inside the camp.

You have inquired the weather forecast and planned the trip. But, it rained as you cannot control the weather and rain will be always the unwanted guest.

If you plan before, you can overcome the rain and make most of it. Rain is not at all a problem in the camping. You can enjoy the camping in rain also. But, it requires few changes in your camping list and camping arrangements.

Things to add in your camping list if it rains:

  • Trash bags to carry your sleeping bag and the other bag works as an emergency rain gear.
  • Resalable plastic bags to carry match box, first aid kit, t-shirts, socks and maps.
  • Dry clothing will help you to stay dry and keeps you unaffected by dampness.
  • Waterproofing spray, when sprayed on your gear, jacket, hat and tent drips away water and make it water proof. If your gears are already water proof, additional use of the spray gives them even more better water-shedding capacity
  • Umbrella for using outside of the tent.
  • Tarps – One of the traps that will go under the tent to offer extra protection. If you have poles, you can tie tarps to the poles and use the area under the tarps as cooking or dining area.

Tips for camping in rain:

Always be cautious: While camping in rainy season, be ready for the rain. Pack all the essential items needed for the rain camping. Expect rain and be well prepared; if it does not rain its well and good but if it rains, you should be prepared with the rain gears. Always carry the rain camping gears with you.

Tent requirements: There are different considerations in choosing a camping tent, especially when you choose a tent for rain camping.

The basic considerations are:

  • The tent should be made of fly sheet – it prevents the upward splashing of the mud when it’s raining.
  • The entrance of the tent must have an edge, as it resists the water from coming inside the tent and allow the inside water to flow outside.
  • Water proof tent: The tent must be water proof to resist the water from dripping inside the tent. If your tent is not water proof, the rain drips into the tent and make messy. Waterproof spray is sprayed on the tent to resist the water.

Tent Position: The position you are placing your tent place an important role. You should place your tent away from the slopes and soft earth.

If you place the tent in a slope or soft soil and if it rains, there is a chance that your tent also floods away with the water. You should place your tent away from slopes, on a higher elevation and where there is a good drainage system.

Buy quality water proof gear and accessories for using in rain camping. Do not think that the rain had spoiled your camping. Always find a way in enjoying the camping. Indoor games work well for camping in rain. Carry hot drinks with you to accustom to that temperature.