Is The Beach Or The Mountain A Better Spot For Vacation?

It’s better to vacation at the beach because it’s more relaxing than the mountain.

The beach is lovely to look at and calming to the mind and spirit.

You can get more involved at the beach than in the mountain.

At the beach you can swim, take pictures, lay out for a tan, play volleyball and have a picnic whereas in the mountain you are more limited to camping, climbing and not much more.

The beach is less hazardous whereas the mountain can be a little hazardous with wild snakes and not a lot of people around.

The beach is a better vacation spot for a lot of reasons. There are people that enjoy the mountain more though.

The mountain is great once in awhile but it can get boring whereas the beach has many attractions, making it harder for you to be bore.

At the beach you can be more involved personally. You can dive in the water and swim, surf, snorkel, exercise, play volleyball, picnic, and bonfire, fly kites and swim with your dog on beach dog. The lists to the activities that you can do at the beach are endless.