Caravan Camping – Another Way To Enjoy The Outdoors

Caravan camping is one of the most enjoyable activities for families as it offers great value for money in a wholesome environment. Many camping sites are scattered all throughout the region- near the coast going through the countryside.

Some camping parks offer caravan camping or chalet holiday homes for rent. These homes are very spacious and can accommodate between two to ten guests. Rented caravans can provide all the equipment a guest would expect, such as television sets, a shower and kitchen.

Caravan camping can provide as much recreation as one you can imagine. If you want to try camping, it is suggested that you bring a tent of your own as the pitches in the campsite could also cost you some money.

If you have a motorhome or a touring caravan, there are camping sites that are open for touring vehicles. Most parks have pitches that are connected to water runways, drainage, and electricity and TV signals.

Owning a caravan camping or a trailer tent opens up a world of possibilities for great value holidays and school breaks. There are many websites that list camping places in hundreds of locations which offer plenty of activities for family fun and adventure during summer.

Here are some types of caravan camping that most camp sites offer

Trailer Tents

This is the most common trailer used in caravan camping. This term applies to models where most of the walls are made of canvas.

The fabric of the tent is folded out from the trailer and hooked out in the same way you would erect a frame tent. This is quite difficult to identify in the caravan camping site.

Trailer tents usually have off-the-ground beds that fold out from the main trailer body. Sometimes, this is installed with a cabin underneath for a more comfy sleeping area.

With this kind of tent, you can generally have an awning and sun awning to more than double the space offered by the trailer tent itself.

Flip-top trailer tents

With this tent, the trailer lid unfolds to become part of the floor of the camping area. The canvas is arranged like a giant pram hood, and unfolds to provide the weatherproof covering.

This tent is easy to erect, it only takes just a few minutes from arriving on site before it is ready for use. This unit rarely needs pegging, although many manufacturers will offer awnings and sunshades which amazingly increase the amount of undercover caravan camping space.

Folding Campers

The base unit of this tent looks like the bottom half of a caravan and comes with cooker, fridge, sink, and a washroom with toilet. This is mounted in such a way that the beds slide out to overhang the trailer at each end and a canvass could cover the trailer.

One advantage of folding camper is that there is no need for pegging since the entire tent is already supported by the trailer. Just like trailer tents, most owners will use optional awnings to increase the camping area. With its simplicity, this still remains popular in caravan camping.