Top luxury campsites in the world

Camping is always fun—it instils in people a sense of togetherness and often lets them experience nature closely. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities and is becoming a lucrative business across the globe. After all, anyone will be willing to pay if they get to witness the beauty of astar-filled sky, smoothness of nature, and other incidental aspects of camping in the best possible way.
Top luxury campsites in the world


In this article, we shall discuss glamping—luxury camping—and the best places where it could be done, and the information will make your camping experience easier and better:

1. Treehotel, Sweden

Having been inspired by the movie The Tree Lover, the owner designed several tree rooms, which are not only aesthetically beautiful but also keep a close contact with the natural environment. Inside the tree rooms, there are cabins resembling birds’ nests, wings of a dragonfly and some even are designed in the shape of a spaceship. While you can camp there whenever you want, it is highly recommended that you camp there around September to March when you can see the enigmatic northern lights smearing across the sky.

What could be better than a camp under the Northern lights?

2. Chewton Glen, England

One of the most famous campsites in England is Chewton Glen, which is basically a luxury hotel possessing an arboreal twist. The campsite provides a royal treatment to campers in its wood-tree houses, cabins and lofts that bring out a feeling that you are in an oasis. Since the hotel is on the edge of the New Forest, one can discover the secrets of the forest and add thrill to their camp adventure. There is also a fine restaurant, which serves modern English cuisine, and it provides a three-course lunch for just 26.50 euro.

Go English and live like royal campers!

3. TenaTena Camp, Zambia

Zambia offers brilliant camping opportunities, and TenaTena Camp is probably the best it has to offer. The TenaTena Camp is located at the opening of the Great Valley Rift, which is situated in Lauangwa National Park. All of this makes your camping experience more Safari-like, where you would enjoy close encounters with elephants, leopards, and whatnot. The kind of experience you get here is beyond compare, and thus, you should not have second thoughts in deciding where to camp at in Africa.

4. Stuc a’ Chroin, Scotland

Stuc a’ Chroin is one luxury camping campsite where you will find an absolutely romantic tryst with the countryside. Characterised by wooden stoves and thick carpets, the campsite facilitates a really homely environment. Enjoy the natural luxuries offered, and some of the best ways to do it are by travelling to Loch Lomond and Trossachs Natural Park.

5. Clayoqout Wilderness Resort, Canada

The resort embodies a rustic setting but offers every possible luxury treatment to campers. The tents are both modern and vintage, and this will make you feel utterly amazed and excited. The resort is located on Vancouver Island and is only accessible by means of a seaplane or a boat ride from Tofino town. The atmosphere is cold but calm, and with the expanse of pine forests, you will surely experience a wonderful glamping moment.